The Coming Market Crash, the Fall of Many Leaders, & the Return of Trump (Chapter 3)

You are reading Chapter 3 of "Called, Marked and Set Aside", a chronological, autobiographical series of letters leading up to the long prophesied "Mark of the Beast" 

My research tells me that there is going to be huge socio-economic and socio-political changes ahead over the last 5 months of 2021. I believe we can call it, "The Patriots Strike Back". While I'm not naive enough to believe it will be the end of the Globalists, at the very least I believe the rising up will put a temporary damper on their plans, enough for the patriots in America to unite and start to form important coalitions for their final, eventual defeat... many years hence.

My work also suggests that we are fast approaching a significant stock market top by early August with huge implications for the summer and fall of 2021! The coming crash in the stock market combined with social unrest, and the uncovering of political corruption in the highest offices in the land as prophesied by Kim Clement are going to shock the world!

According to many prophecies given by Kim over the years 2007-14, (which also prophesied the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency) there would come a time when we would have Two Presidents, one being of double mind. He prophesied two times when they would yell Impeach, Impeach!,..but it would not happen (early 2020 and early 2021). He talks about a new Snowden arising and uncovering of things in the spring and then he shifts to the month of July.. "Strange July... Strange July... watch the temperatures!".

Even at the end of June, record setting heat was blasting the Pacific Northwest. It hit an unusual 116 in Portland OR and 109 in Olympia, WA .The interior is still baking with Death Valley hitting 130 degrees recently. He prophesied unusual storms in the summer as well (more like late Spring and early Fall combined).

Recently here in middle Tennessee (near Nashville) we had over 4 inches of rain pour on us in just one night. Twice, the temperatures fell into the unusual low 50's here early in the summer. The northeast has been hit with torrential rainfall as well. Hailstones as big as 6 inches have hit Nebraska and Texas as well as Europe, preceded by sweltering heat waves. Europe and China are being hit with unprecedented floods, even as I write this. Click here to view the prophecies

The biggest issue with the globalist agenda right now, is not so much the obvious voter fraud, critical race theory or even the jailing and abuse of political prisoners around the so called (set up) January 6 Insurrection (these are important), but the obvious biological/psychological warfare being waged on the people of the world.

Anybody who has kept up with the so called vaccines (mRNA shots), knows that they are killing and destroying people's lives worldwide, even as the MSM hacks and politicians around the world are covering it up, or at least trying to (the beast is getting cornered and that is when they are the most dangerous).